Boutique Pet Care

     We are a smaller company with less than 20 employees. We treat our Pet Au Pairs like family. We charge a bit more so that we can give them the compensation they deserve for their dedicated service. Because of this, our Pet Au Pairs stick around. This makes for happier clients and pets. You and your pet(s) can establish a long-lasting relationship with a Pet Au Pair which has many benefits. Pets aren't stressed by new sitters, there's no need for repeated introductory meetings, a loving bond can be developed with your pet, and there are less people entering your home with access to your keys and codes.

Let us create a care plan that addresses your pet's specific needs. Let your hand-picked Pet Au Pair administer pills or injections, prepare special meals, help with housebreaking, leash training and socialization. Whatever their needs may be, we've got it covered!

Continuing Education

and Experience 

​Our staff is dedicated to continuing education. We review and discuss current articles and information regarding animal health, development and safety. We are always trying to learn more in order to make our visits with your pet as rewarding as possible. Since our focus is solely on your pet, we can sometimes identify health issues that might otherwise have gone unnoticed. We have many years of experience with animals and can spot the signs of common ailments like worms, kennel cough, and pink eye. We do not give medical advice but we will report our observations and/or recommend a trip to the vet. Think of us as a second set of eyes to watch over and protect your furry loved one.

We Don't Discriminate

We have clients of every age, race, gender and sexual orientation. We also care for every kind of dog, cat, bird and small animal regardless of size or breed. 

About Us

We have been caring for Atlanta's most pampered pets for over 15 years. We hold ourselves to a higher standard and expect you to do the same. We are the setting the bar for personalized pet sitting and dog walking in Atlanta with these service features...



We will text or email you after each visit with your pet. We send photos and maintain constant contact giving you peace of mind. We are available by phone, text and email anytime during your pet's care if you have a question or concern. At the end of each visit we will also make an entry into your Petcare Diary noting the time of the visit, demeanor of each pet, duties performed and any other important information.

We Put "Safety First" 

Many other companies choose to advertise their business on service vehicles and uniforms. This can be dangerous as it can indicate that you are out of town or away from your home. We are more concerned with the safety of our current clients' homes and pets than with the acquisition of new business. We will always visit your home in an unmarked car and we will be wearing everyday clothing. We also rotate blinds and lights and bring in all mail, newspapers and packages at no cost.

Credentials & Memberships

Atlanta Pet Au Pair is fully licensed, insured and bonded. We are also active members of NAPPS (National Association of Professional Pet Sitters) and PSI (Pet Sitters International)​

References and Reviews

We will gladly provide you with the names and numbers of many happy clients. Many have been with us since we opened 15 years ago. Click below to find reviews on Yelp, Kudzu and Google.

GPS Accountability 

Each Au Pair will check in and check out using GPS tracking software which will record the location, time and duration of each visit. This makes it possible to verify the time and length of each visit they complete. If a sitter has not completed the visit within the requested time frame, an internal alert is sent out. We are the only company in Atlanta offering this kind of accountability. Each client will be able to access their Au Pair's GPS tracking log via computer, laptop, tablet or smart phone.